Brand colours

Brand colours

Brand colours are important for your business as they can influence how people perceive your business. People do make snap decisions about products based on the colour alone as colour can help influence mood and image.

If it’s your own company and your brand is being created, think about the colour. Sometimes it’s not always best to use your favourite colour. You need to think if it’s right for your business.

When I’m creating a logo and brand, part of my research will involve looking into what the business does and who the target market is. For instance, if a logo was required for a school or nursery, I wouldn’t use black or red as this is too harsh for the audience it would be aimed at. I would use bright, fun colours. On the other hand, colours that suit large, corporate companies tend to be blues, greys and greens to create a professional, sophisticated look.

I like to create a logo in a couple of different colours for our clients so they can compare. They may have a certain colour in mind but when they see it in the different colours, they sometimes change their mind.

The colour can change the look of a logo quite dramatically. Do you think major brands would work if their logos were a different colour? Would they be as memorable?

When it comes to choosing a colour scheme, I usually start with a base colour and then find a complementary colour by referring back to the colour wheel.

Below are some combinations that work well:


Use two opposite colours


Use three different values of the same colour


Use three adjacent colours


Use three evenly spaced colours


Take a look at the list below to see some meanings of colours and how they can influence people’s perception of your business:

Red: passion, excitement

Blue: trust, dependable

Green: peaceful, natural

Purple: wise, mysterious

Yellow: warmth, clarity

Pink: feminine, friendly

Grey: calm, neutral

Black: bold, sophisticated

White: simplicity, minimalism

Of course, colour is just one part of the logo, the font and message are just as important.