Choosing the best font

As a graphic designer, it’s important to choose the best font when creating a logo or designing any marketing materials for a client.

There are a couple of things that I consider when choosing a font such as the target market and the overall look that the client wants to achieve. If I was designing marketing materials for a corporate client, then I would look for fonts that are strong and dynamic from the sans serif family. This would not work as well for a beauty therapist and I would choose a more flowing font that appeals to women. The same applies when designing and creating a logo.

Here are my font tips:

Limit the use of fonts

I would say it’s best to limit the use of fonts to 2 or 3. You don’t want the design to look too busy. Select one font for the heading, and one for the main text. Then you can have the option to use a different font for highlighting text or important information.

Complementary typefaces

Find different but complementary typefaces. This means finding fonts that work together and don’t conflict and to have one of the fonts stronger than the other. One way of doing this could be as simple as changing the weight or even size. I like to find a typeface family that has a range of weights and styles (such as medium, demi, bold, heavy).

Use a font superfamily

It’s good to use a font that has a sans serif and a serif version. A sans-serif font is a strong font, with straight lines (such as Lucida Sans). A serif font has the serif lines on each letter (such as Lucida Bright).

There are so many typefaces and free fonts that you can choose from – how do you know which ones to use?

Here are a few examples of some good font pairings that I like and work well:




Once the font has been decided, the leading and kerning can be adjusted to create the right look:



What is Leading?
This is the vertical space between each row of type.





What is Kerning?
Kerning is the space between each character.




You can have great fun experimenting with font types and spaces to get the look you want.