Business Branding

Estate Agent Branding Project


Our latest branding project for a local estate agent. There are quite a few estate agents on our local High Street and can be hard to stand out.

The company were celebrating 25 years in business and changing the name of the business. They wanted the brand updated with a fresh new look.

Re-branding is a great way to breathe new life into a business. It does need a lot of planning and careful consideration.


There was a lot of work involved in this branding project. To mark the occasion of 25 years in business, they wanted a new logo design, business stationery, marketing materials, brochure, flyers and adverts, literature, For Sale and To Let signs.

The customer chose the new brand colours and we had to work closely with various printers and web designers to match the colour. It is quite an unusual colour and it works well as a brand across all marketing materials.

Our designs are popping up in the local area which is great to see! Keep an eye out for a flyer landing on your doormat soon.