How I use Trello for my business

How I use Trello for my business

There are so many tools and apps available for businesses; I seem to hear a different name every week, which can be quite overwhelming. It’s difficult to know which one to use and what would work best for my business.

To plan my projects and organise my week, I write lists, use “stickies” on my desktop, and fill in my calendar on my email. I’ve been doing it like this for a long time and it works for me.

However, Trello was suggested to me a little while ago and although I am a creature of habit, I thought I’d give it a go to see what it had to offer. Now I use it all the time!

How does Trello work?

Trello is a great way to organise your projects and keep track of where you are. You can create as many individual boards you need and add cards to the board to edit or update accordingly.

First boardcreating-trello-checklist

The first board I created was for my client projects. I set up each project that I was working on and listed the individual elements as cards.

What I like about it is that you can add comments to each of the items, so I use this to keep a track of proofs and when they are sent.

Another good feature is that you can create a checklist and it’s clear to see how many items you have.Trello-completed-checklist

For example, if I have 3 items listed as quote, invoice and send to printers it will say 0/3 to begin with. When I send the quote, I tick the box and it puts a line through the quote and there’s a line marker to measure how far you’ve completed the checklist. It will now say 1/3 which is now 33% completed.

When all 3 items on the checklist have been completed, the line marker will change to green. For me, it’s a good way to work and I like it visually.


My newsletter board has really helped me plan ahead.

I have a set format in place to help structure each newsletter. An introduction, tips, quotes and a product of the month section. This enables me to see what I’ve included and helps avoid any repetition or duplication. It also helps me to plan ahead the content for each newsletter. I find it so easy to use.

Social Media

I also have a board for my social media.Trello-social-media-board

I use a spreadsheet to plan what I’m saying but I’ve never used something to see the images I was planning to use, the files are usually in a folder ready to upload. Now I have individual boards for each category I use in social media. It may be a quote, a tip, or showing my latest completed project. I can put the image I’m going to use and then have the words I want to say with it. It just makes it so much easier to see and plan my scheduling.

Sharing boards

Another exciting feature it has is you can share a board with someone else. This enables me to write something on a board, with an image and share it with someone else. It saves on emailing and going backwards and forwards. This is an area I don’t use too much at the moment, but will definitely look into it going forward.

Keep learning

I’m sure there is plenty more that I can use Trello for, but I’m starting off gradually and getting to grips with it. I will keep reading up and see what else it can do because so far I love it!