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International Women’s Day


To celebrate International Women’s Day, I attended an “Empowering Women” event.

The workshop was run by Jak Broadway from the Fixer. He is a hypnotherapist and behavioural focused psychotherapist.

We started the event by doing a personality test. There were 12 questions to answer honestly, which would determine our type of personality. This was harder than we all thought as some questions proved more difficult to answer than others.

There are 3 types of personality: warrior, settler and nomad and all have different traits:


Forceful, organised, determined, good at planning


Sociable, likeable, intuitive, adaptable, indecisive


Annoying, charismatic, innovative, reckless, irresponsible

The answers to our questions determined which type we were.

I am predominantly a settler, then a warrior and finally a nomad. Listening to Jak talk in more detail about the different traits, it was spot on for me! This is accurate as there are a few traits from a warrior that I do have in certain situations. It was quite fascinating to understand each trait.

He asked us to shut our eyes and said each word (warrior, settler, nomad). We then had to say what image came into our heads. Some struggled to visualise certain personalities and Jak worked with them until they could focus on an image. Everybody had different images, which was interesting and there was lots of laughter!

We all have some aspects of each type of personality but one will be more dominant. We were able to identify the warriors in the group, as these were the loud ones! It was an interesting look into your personality and Jak was able to tell our types straight away (to the annoyance of some warriors!)

He then went on to talk about communication; 55% is visual (body language), 38% is your voice (tone) and 7% is verbal (words).

It was interesting to know that it’s not always the words we use, but how we use them.
Body language is so important for example crossing your arms comes across as negative or defensive.

It was a great interactive session and we all enjoyed it and came away learning a little bit more about ourselves.

It made me think how it ties in with my job as a graphic designer. Being visual is key for me and the words are not always as important.