It’s all about the branding

It's all about the branding

We’re halfway through the year already! Where has the time gone? They say time flies when you’re having fun and we’ve certainly been having fun here at dotty HQ.

Some of the branding projects we’ve been working on couldn’t be more different. One is very corporate and another is the complete opposite – a fun, quirky brand. It’s great to work on the extremes as it reminds you as a designer how important it is to research the target market.

A memorable name

A memorable name often helps when it comes to branding. Make it personal to you. I often get asked how I came up with “dotty hippo design”. It was a long process, as I wanted the name to be right. Hours and hours were spent brainstorming. I wanted something quirky and memorable but also a little bit personal to me. Think about your target market and how they are going to perceive you.

 I have always loved hippos and you don’t get dotty ones!

No idea is a bad idea, so make sure you write everything down – you never know what will come of it.


The font used in your logo is important, for example, a “fun” font wouldn’t be used for a corporate company who want to be seen as professional. Some logos use graphics and others are typography based and both can be strong. A strong font can create impact. As a designer, it isn’t just about the type of font used (sans-serif, serif or script) it’s also about the weight, width, capitalisation, kerning and spacing of the letters.


The colour of the logo is just as important as the font used. You may have a font you like but it doesn’t look good in your chosen colour. They need to work together to create the right logo for you. As a designer I would never create a logo for a children’s nursery using black and red – I’d use bright colours.  Colours are important for your brand so think carefully about the colours you choose and how they reflect what you do.

Consistency is key

Your brand should be consistent throughout all you do – from your marketing materials to all your social media accounts. There’s no point working hard to establish your brand if you don’t keep reinforcing it.