Lights, Camera, Action!

We have had a 60-second video made in our office by film company Box of Matches.

The idea was to present dotty hippo design and show us in our environment. It was actually quite nerve-wracking once recording started, but there was lots of laughter and it was a fun way to spend the morning!

I knew what I wanted to say but as soon as the film started rolling my mind went blank! Kayode was great at asking questions and making me feel relaxed.

Team spirit


Nikki and Dan also took part and did a piece on camera about their roles at dotty hippo design (unfortunately, they didn’t make the final cut which they are not bitter about MUCH!).

We didn’t want it to be me just talking to the camera so there were some action shots of me working, discussing a website and brainstorming using our creative wall.

Kayode then went around the studio and took some shots that he wanted to use within the video. It’s actually quite amazing how involved and how long it takes to produce a 60-second video.

We had a fun morning and enjoyed looking at the outtakes! It was great to work with Kayode who was brilliant at directing us to get the shots he needed.

So here it is…