Logo and Business Card Design for Motion Massage

The overview

Seniz Jessener has recently qualified as a Sports Massage Therapist and was setting up her new business. She was looking to have a logo and business card designed for Motion Massage.

The colours and font

The colour palette chosen for the logo was blue for the main colour with grey, orange, and yellow as accent colours. The colours work well for the business and services that Seniz provides and with the flowing font styles, creates a perfect and calming balance that will appeal to her audience.

The logo

A stylish and elegant logo was designed and I’m really happy with how the logo turned out. This was a fun logo to work on and I love the pop of colours added to the blue and grey fonts.

Business cards

Once the branding and logo design process had been finalised, I then turned my focus to designing double-sided business cards with the logo on the front and the contact details on the back. A simple but effective and eye-catching design.

Find out more

When designing a logo and brand, it is important to ensure the brand is consistent wherever it is seen such as website, social media, marketing materials and clothing.

If you would like to more about how I can assist you with creating a logo and marketing materials for your business, please do get in touch.