Logo Design

Logo design

The logo is the face of any brand and as first impressions count, it is important that the logo design creates the right image. A strong brand name, logo and image help to keep your company in the mind of potential customers.

There are many factors to consider in design and branding such as colour, font, style, shape and size. It is worth noting that there are certain styles, trends and fonts that have a limited lifespan and this will have an impact on your logo and branding will look dated.  A graphic designer will ensure that the logo works for both print and online purposes.

The design style of a logo should also fit in with the type of business it represents. Having flowery, light colours and flowing fonts would not fit in with a corporate professional firm for example but could be more suitable for a nursery and target market. It is important that your business conveys the right message. A simple logo using a solid colour background, text and shapes can be very effective.

Logo Design Shapes

There are three basic types of shapes, geometric, natural and abstract.

Geometric shapes are structured shapes such as squares, circles, triangles and hexagons. They are often symmetrical and portray order, efficiency and organisation.

Natural shapes are irregular and fluid and examples include leaves, clouds and ink spots. They are asymmetrical, curvy and flowing depicting spontaneity, free spirit and fun.

Abstract shapes are simple symbols of natural shapes. They are images to convey meaning without text and which can be recognisable universally and culturally. For example, a stick form signifies a person. Abstract shapes are used often in logo design to create brand identity.

Having a detailed design brief is useful for a graphic designer to understand what you are looking to achieve with your logo. Check out our recent posting What is a Design Brief on what to include in a design brief.

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