Networking and Wobble Challenge!


What a fun networking meeting at Thurrock Network Group today!

Unfortunately, due to traffic problems, some business owners were unable to attend the meeting. However, it was nice to meet up with everyone who had managed to make it including some new business owners. It’s good to hear about new businesses starting up and finding out more about what they do.

Trevor Rawson from Tai Chi 4 Health had posted on the Facebook page asking if we were up for a “Wobble Challenge”.  During the meeting, of course, we said yes!

The Wobble Challenge

The Wobble Challenge is to test your balance. Research shows that your ability could provide early warning of later health problems.

We needed to stand on one leg for 30 seconds with our eyes open. Then continue for another 10 seconds with our eyes shut. It sounds quite easy but as you can see from our video, it isn’t. Check it out below.

After doing the challenge, we then had the 60 second round. I suggested that we did that on one leg but surprisingly there were no takers!

Thurrock Network Group

The meetings are free and are held on the 3rd Thursday every month. If you are a business in Thurrock looking to meet and network with local businesses, then come along.