Logo Design for Denise Fowler

Design brief

Denise Fowler was changing direction in her business and was looking for a new logo to reflect her new direction. Denise had an idea of what she wanted and was excited to see her new logo.

The colours

A pink and rose gold colour palette was chosen for the logo which works very well together. Navy blue was also added to the colour scheme for a touch of strength and sophistication.

The font style

Denise had an idea of what she wanted with her name in a handwritten font looking like a signature.

The elements

The shapes used for the logo were squares and paint strokes to reflect a signature in a box. A circular logo was also created for social media.

What the client says

Working with Louise was fantastic. I ‘sort’ of knew what I was aspiring to, but I was adding bits here and there and really complicating things. Louise went through my requests and explained how to simplify and stylise it to make it exactly right. She really listened to what I wanted to achieve and thanks to her patience, I got exactly what I was after. I cannot recommend her enough.

Find out more

If you would like to more about how I can assist you with creating a logo for your business, please do get in touch.