Logo & Business Card Design for MS Safety in Design

Design brief

To design a logo and business card for MS Safety in Design.

The overview

Martin McGoldrick from MS Safety in Design really liked Art Deco and wanted to have a logo and brand for his business that reflected this style.

The colours and font

Having a minimalistic colour palette of black and white really brings the Art Deco style font to light creating a simple, elegant and versatile logo and brand.

Logo design

This was a fun project to work on as the art deco style is not something that I often get asked to design, I enjoyed researching the period and style for this project. The distinguishing look of the Art Deco style is simple with clean and geometric shapes.

Business cards

I designed double-sided business cards with the logo on the front and all the contact details on the back which I think looks eye-catching and stylish.

Find out more

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