Logo & Business Card Design for dotty about fitness

Design brief

To design a logo and business card for dotty about fitness.


When I am not designing marketing materials for businesses, I am a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. I have been a group exercise instructor for many years and trained to become a personal trainer a couple of years ago and this prompted me to set up dotty about fitness.

Brand name

I decided on dotty about fitness as I am known as ‘dotty’ due to my graphic design business, dotty hippo design. Even though they are different businesses, I wanted to have a bit of a link between them.

The colours and font style

I loved my graphic design logo which was all lower case and I wanted to have something similar for my new logo, keeping it simple and fresh. Blue and grey work really well together and I added a bright pink to the colour palette for a pop of colour.

Business cards

Once the logo design and branding guidelines were finalised, it was time to focus on the business cards and website. I wanted to have double-sided business cards that I could hand out when I was completing outdoor classes and PT sessions with my website, social media and class booking details.

Find out more

If you would like to more about how I can assist you with creating a logo and marketing materials for your fitness business, please do get in touch.