Paper Weights and Finishes

Paper Weights & Finishes

It is important to consider paper weights when it comes to printing flyers, posters, business cards, and leaflets as they can have an impact on the quality of the design and the message you are trying to convey.

The higher the gsm (grams per square metre), the heavier the paper is.

Paper weights

The most common paper weights are:

35gsm – 55gsm: thin paper and most newspapers are printed on this

80gsm – 100gsm: printer paper that is normally used at home

130gsm – 170gsm: used for printing flyers, leaflets and posters

350gsm – 400gsm: used for printing business cards, appointment cards, postcards and invitations

Paper finishes

There are also different types of paper textures, which can also have an impact on the design.

Matt: a smooth, dull finish

Silk: a smooth finish in between Matt and Gloss

Gloss: a smooth, shiny finish

If you are not too sure what paper weight and finish to choose, your graphic designer will be able to advise and show you samples to help you decide.